VPN basics. A VPN enables you to connect to the internet in an encrypted fashion. Encryption adds security and privacy, which is especially important when using public Wi-Fi. That’s because identity thieves and other cybercriminals often target public Wi-Fi to steal the personal information you send and receive while on those types of networks.

How Does A VPN Work? Jun 20, 2019 VPN: TOKEN ACCESS FOR NEW USERS (WINDOWS) VPN: TOKEN ACCESS FOR NEW USERS (WINDOWS) FIRST-TIME CONNECTION ONLY The first time you connect to VPN, you must open Internet Explorer as an administrator: 1. Click Start, and then select All Programs. 2. Right-click Internet Explorer, and then select Run as Administrator.

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In the field under VPN Token Username, enter your VPN token username (this was included in the email you received when you set up your soft token on your phone) Using the RSA app on your phone, leave the screen empty and tap the blue arrow to get a temporary token code. In the PIN + Token box, enter the 8 digit token code from your phone. Click How Do Vpn Tokens Work

However, the VPN exposed a database that contains sensitive data, including the following: User account passwords (in plain text) VPN session secrets and tokens

Select the option to enable the Client VPN Sever. Set the Client VPN Subnet. This will be a unique IP subnet offered to clients connecting to the MX Security Appliance via a Client VPN connection. Specify the DNS servers. Enter a shared secret that will be used by the client devices to establish the VPN connection.