Now Stream Netflix with your Verizon Fios Multi-Room DVR

I just updated with firmware 1455 and Netflix is still not working. So this roll out had nothing to do with fixing that issue. I have 65HU8550 running the SEK-3500. Sucks. This is definitely a Samsung issue. If I remove the SEK-3500, Netflix works fine via the original TV settings. Feels like a complete waste of $399. Netflix to disappear on older Samsung smart TVs - BBC News Nov 07, 2019 Netflix will no longer be available on some Samsung Samsung-users may soon find themselves unable to watch their favourite Netflix shows, as the streaming service will no longer be available on some TV models. In a statement posted to Samsung’s

Aug 01, 2019

Netflix Recommended TVs | Built for a better Netflix 2019 Netflix Recommended TVs Only select models from the brands below have met the criteria and can carry the Netflix Recommended TV logo in 2019. Additional models and brands will be added as they become available and are designated. How to Get US Netflix on Smart TV - 4 Methods | Step-by-Step

Apr 14, 2020

Dec 20, 2019 Netflix won't work on older Samsung and Vizio TVs and Roku