If you had the power to erase all human knowledge and documentation of history, would you? The question is a bit vague, so to further clarify: Today’s world would be the same and people would still have the basic understanding of it—i.e.

Delete your Web browsing history inside the browser control panel. From Internet Explorer, click on the "Tools" button and select "Internet Options." Under the "General" tab in the "Browsing History" section, click on the "Delete" button. Or click ‘Select All’ at the bottom to select all locations; Click the ‘Erase Now’ button and wait for the software to wipe your system traces with the selected data erasure algorithm; After erase, click ‘Yes’ when prompted to reboot the system; That’s how to permanently delete browsing history from the hard drive. Sep 30, 2019 · If you want to scrub Alexa clean of all recordings, tap Today, select All History and tap Delete All Recordings for All History. Content and Devices page to erase all of your recordings at Step 4:Once the scan is completed, select the browsing history and click on “Erase Now” button, and all the browsing history will be instantly erased. The Erasing feature of the software erases all the temporarily data permanently to make sure that the data is never accessible to anyone, no matter what software or tool they use. Nov 08, 2019 · To delete all events: If you want to delete all the videos on your Ring Doorbell, the previous method might be a little too time-consuming. Instead, follow these steps to delete every event stored on your device: Open the Ring app and navigate to the event list. Swipe the entire list to the right to bring up the selection buttons.

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10 People Who Were Erased From History - Listverse 2014-9-14 · Thwarted by their mother, Geta was eventually murdered by Caracalla, who then had Geta’s wife, Plautilla, executed. After their deaths, all inscriptions with either of the two’s names, every statue and reference to Geta or Plautilla, were destroyed. Ironically, due to his fame, the history-stricken Geta was still afforded a public funeral. Chase stands by ’erase all white history’ comment about Chase said the call to remove the statues "an overt effort here to erase all white history." That comment drew numerous rebukes from progressives. In the interview, Chase defended the statement

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Just add and select the files/folders, then click on "Erase Now" button to destroy the selected files/folders. Mode 2: Wipe hard drive on HP computer. This mode can help you erase entire HP hard drive to permanently erase all data information on this hard drive. Mode 3: Permanently erase already deleted/formatted data. If you want to delete all your commit history but keep the code in its current state, it is very safe to do it as in the following: Checkout . git checkout --orphan latest_branch. Add all the files. git add -A. Commit the changes. git commit -am "commit message" Delete the branch. git branch -D master. Rename the current branch to master. git Deselect all the boxes and check only “History”. Then click delete. Erase on Exit. There is another option, that will clear your history automatically every time you exit explorer. If you want that clear history on internet explorer, select the check “Delete Browsing History on Exit” in the main window (Menu general > Browsing History). The Root presents a dramatic reenactment of the entire history of America: Top 5 Ways to Erase Racism (According to White People) one-stop shop for all the funny, Jul 10, 2020 · Seen a different way, however, culture’s power is a tool—one that can be used to show others’ humanity rather than erase it. “For years, TV has been the way that you reach people Clear All History is a easy-to-use privacy protection tool for removing Internet history and other computer activity tracks. With Clear All History installed on erase tracks and protect A Scary History. Without Leon Trotsky’s organizational and tactical genius, Vladimir Lenin might never have consolidated power among squabbling anti-czarist factions. Are we to erase mention