Use the Startpage Proxy to browse websites anonymously

StartPage HTTPS Search for Safari for Mac - Free download Nov 10, 2013 Top search site that doesn't track you - offers actual Google search results in privacy. No personal information is recorded and Google never sees you. Another feature StartPage offers that sets it apart is a free proxy. StartPage Private Search for Android - Free download and StartPage Private Search brings the anonymity and privacy protections of to Android. StartPage does not collect or share any personal information. A Proxy Service allows users to 10 reasons Startpage is superior to Google search - VPN - Free Web Proxy Site

By clicking an alternative link beside each search result, your request to the website in question is sent through a Startpage proxy instead, which is slower than accessing normally but means there’s zero chance of data tracking and protects against potentially risky JavaScript even outside of the search results. Swisscows 5 Alternative Search Engines That Respect Your Privacy Jul 05, 2017 StartPage Search Engine Offers Anonymous Web Browsing

Oct 09, 2019

Anyway, StartPage gives the same results as Google, but through a proxy. The results won't be tailor made just for you, but they're still based on Google's directory. Google can censor their directory however they want. And they do. But it's also the biggest directory in the world. Startpage — Datenschutz-Suchmaschine - Chrome Web Store Die Startpage Datenschutz-Suche und Browsererweiterung: - Wird NIEMALS deine persönlichen oder Suchmaschinen-Daten speichern, teilen oder verkaufen - Liefert Google-Suchergebnisse - Setzt keine Tracker oder Cookies von Drittanbietern ein wie andere Suchmaschinen - Garantiert unverfälschte Suchergebnisse und garantiert allen Menschen weltweit Ixquick Reviews - 10 Reviews of | Sitejabber To avoid this, you can use the Ixquick Proxy which allows you to visit third-party websites through Ixquick without anyone, including the website and its partners, seeing you. Note that StartPage by Ixquick typically returns a couple of pages of results initially, but if you scroll down, more results often load.