Apr 01, 2013 · Решения StoneGate SSL VPN позволяют организовать удаленные защищенный доступ ко внутренним ресурсам, клиентам

"The software allows our customers to implement secure access to applications in the cloud with the extensive identity and access management system provided by StoneGate SSL VPN," he said. Set up a StoneGate Firewall/VPN on your existing network Jul 23, 2002 Forcepoint Updates and Upgrades The list below contains the new engine images of Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall.

Nov 22, 2011

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StoneGate SSL VPN is available as a separate appliance product. For more information on StoneGate SSL VPN, refer to the SSL VPN Administrator’s Guide. Page 24: Single Point Of Failure StoneGate firewalls have built-in support for clustering, which allows operating up to 16 physical firewall devices as a …

Stonesoft VPN Client - Forcepoint TCP tunneling of IPsec traffic is no longer supported in the Stonesoft VPN Client. SSL VPN tunnels provide traffic encryption inside TCP (TLS) where needed (for example, if a firewall blocks IKE or IPsec connections). Resolved issues These issues are resolved in this release of the product. For a list of issues fixed in a previous release, see the Forcepoint Stonesoft Next Generation Firewall