Apr 17, 2018

Add the DNS server details in ‘/etc/resolv.conf’ file in all client systems. vi /etc/resolv.conf # Generated by NetworkManager search unixmen.local nameserver nameserver Restart network service or reboot the system. Test DNS Server. Now, you can test the DNS server using any one of the following commands: How to install and configure DNS server in CentOS 7 To install and configure DNS server in CentOS 7. Domain Name System or DNS is a service that will resolve the host name for the particular IP address. When we search for a domain namely www.google.com in browser, the . (dot) seperating the domain name will search for the root server of … Install DNS Server Role in Windows Server 2012 R2 DNS or Domain Name System is the basic requirement of any kind of network. DNS works in client-server mode, where DNS client may call a computer or domain name string, and DNS server will help the client to perform name-to-IP address mapping so further TCP/IP actions can be performed by the client. Without DNS server, the client has to call the IP address directly instead of the name string. How to Install DNS and Configure DNS Records on Windows

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