If you are already registered in Sky Sports through Virgin Media or Sky, you don’t have to go through the registration process again. Just enter your account, by singing your ID in the app. It will remember you after the first entry. Cross-platform use – 4/5.

Sky Go Watch the TV you love on Sky Go With Sky Go you can watch entertainment, movies and sports live and on demand anywhere you like at no extra cost your Sky TV subscription. Feb 17, 2020 · The package costs £10 per month and includes Sky Box Sets, which is normally £5 per month. This includes Netflix Standard, which is £7.99 per month. You may reach out to Sky directly so they can set this up for you. How much is Sky Go Extra? Sky Go Extra is £5 extra a month, which will be added to your monthly bill alongside your Sky TV package. How do I get the Sky Go Extra app for Android? Sky Go Extra is part of the Sky Go app, which you can download on Android devices by searching for it in the Google Play Store and hitting Download. SKY GO FEATURES: Depending on your TV subscription, you can: • Stream over a hundred channels live, including: o Free-to-air favourites including ITV and Channel 4 – watch Gogglebox, Catch-22 and other hits o Sky Atlantic – the home of the highest rated show of all time on IMDb – Chernobyl – as well as Big Little Lies and more o Sky

The awfulness of Sky Go - is there an alternative

Jan 23, 2013 · Sky Go runs as an application, for example on your iPad, and allows you to watch TV shows live – or from a big library – at little or no extra cost to your standard subscription. Jul 07, 2020 · Sky Go is free to existing customers with cable or satellite subscriptions that include Sky channels. Note that to access Sky Sports customers will need to subscribe to a plan which includes the sports package. Sky does not offer a standalone internet-only subscription or pay-per-view content, so cord cutters will have to look elsewhere.

Sky to charge extra to use Sky Go on your console

Aug 02, 2017 How do I stream Sky Go to a TV, to watch Sky shows or Sky Go doesn’t support HDMI connections from mobile devices, or the various forms of screen casting such as Chromecast; if you attempt to use Sky Go while your mobile device is connected to a