How to use Facebook and Facebook Messenger in China

The South China Morning Post reported today that websites considered "politically sensitive," such as Facebook, Twitter and The New York Times, will be unblocked in one area of Shanghai. Access Facebook in China - Unblock Facebook in China Being able to access Facebook in China is not as easy as it used to be. I’ve been in China for more than five years now. I was here before Facebook was blocked, and it’s been a slippery slope for the scope of the Internet in China for as long as I can remember. How To Access Facebook in China

Jul 23, 2017

Oct 22, 2019 Unblock China - Posts | Facebook Unblock Facebook in China with if you don't want to get stuck behind the great firewall of China. Not only will this web proxy give you access to Facebook, but you will be able to unblock YouTube and Twitter.

There are plenty of other good VPNs for China, but if you have to choose two, these are the two I recommend. Method 2: Using Proxies in China. An alternative way to access blocked sites like Facebook in China is a proxy. A proxy is a website that is based in a different location that allows you to access other websites through it.

Jan 07, 2011