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DHCP, failed pings Clients are all XP Pro SP3 with one laptop w/ Win7 (not joined to Domain) When I do network diag’s at the server I get FAILED on MAC and PHY Loopback tests. Here is the ipconfig /all: (which says DHCP not enabled but the services *are* running – if I look at my network settings it says Address Type: Manually Configured) Windows IP Configuration VMWare Player - No internet access. Win 7 host, |VMware Feb 01, 2014 Solved: DHCP not enabled? | Tech Support Guy Aug 31, 2008 Troubleshooting No Wireless Connection - Lifewire

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DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. The simplest way to explain DHCP is that if it is enabled, the server can assign the computer an IP address. This IP can be static or dynamic, and a length of time for the assignment can be established. DHCP can be enabled on a server in a business, or through your router on a home network. DHCP is Not Enabled for WiFi Issue Fixed – Earth's Lab DHCP is not enabled for WiFi or “ DHCP is not enabled for “Wireless Network Connection” can prevent you from connecting to the Internet. DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, which is a standardized network protocol that assigns reusable IP addresses within a network.

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