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Setting up a VPN on an iPad is easier than you think! How to set up a PPTP VPN connection on iPad or iPhone Step 1.Go to Settings/General/Network, in order to access the VPN settings.. Select Add VPN Configuration. Step 2.. Select PPTP and fill the Description Server, Account and Password (VPN Password). The Server address will be different, depending on the servers you own.

Go to the App Store, look up Opera and download it. Read the user settings, they are quite simple. go under VPN. Again follow instructions. easy set up. On the iPhone Settings look under VPN, if its there, slide tab over till green. If not close a

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Create an Always-on VPN Profile. You'll now need to apply the always-on VPN setting through a configuration profile. We've previously given instructions for creating profile files that contain VPN settings, and the process is much the same. How to Configure VPN on an iPhone. This wikiHow teaches you how to enable and set up a Virtual Private Network--which allows you to use the internet anonymously--from within your iPhone's Settings. Open your iPhone's Settings. "Settings" How to Enable VPN on iPhone Using Simple Method. To people who use iPhone, VPN can be very useful for you. First let us define VPN?? VPN stand for Virtual Private Network is a secure network, created over the public internet connection to enable the users hide their identity over the worldwide web. There are some websites are blocked in specific countries so by using VPN and you can unblocked Alternatively, install a free iPhone VPN app that you can use in case you get out of money, and you don't want to continue with your subscription. However, free VPN clients are not secure, and they should not be your permanent solution. Enable the auto-connect to VPN when switching to an unsecured Wi-Fi. This is very useful when traveling