9 Fixes for The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be

Installing windows service using sc.exe in windows command To install windows service using sc.exe in windows command prompt follow the below steps. To create service: Open windows command prompt as run as administrator; Type sc.exe create SERVICE NAME binpath= "SERVICE FULL PATH" don't give space in SERVICE NAME; After … How to Run Any Program as a Background Service in Windows Jul 05, 2017 Configuring an Executable to Run as a Service on Windows Feb 18, 2011

Host name is also used as part of Windows service name which is used for installing, starting, stopping and uninstalling the Windows service. For example, if Zabbix agent configuration file specifies Hostname=Windows_db_server, then the agent will be installed as a Windows service “Zabbix Agent [Windows_db_server]”.Therefore, to have a different Windows service name for each Zabbix agent

Grab "srvany.exe" from the Server 2003 Resource Kit and copy it to your Server 2008 box. Use "sc" to create a new service that launches "srvany": sc create NewService binPath= C:\Windows\System32\srvany.exe DisplayName= "My Custom Service". (Those spaces between the equal sign and the value are actually required by SC. No, I don't know why either.)

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