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The major differences between an External IP Address and an Internal IP Address are: The IP Address that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) uses on its network is External IP Address. It is fundamentally governed and assigned by your ISP and you can never change or modify it. You can find it by Internet>modem>computer. How to Find Your Private and Public IP Addresses Jul 03, 2017 What is an External IP Address? - Computer Hope Apr 26, 2017

Your internal IP address is the number that appears next to “IPv4 Address” Final Takeaway The main concept to takeaway when it comes to IP Addresses is that an external IP address is public , and an internal IP address is private .

Depending on the request, your router then forwards the request to the appropriate local machine, using it's local NAT IP address. Now, you may be wondering if your IP address is a NAT (local) IP, or an external (Internet) IP, an easy way to find out is to look at this: Private IP Address Reservation to - Class A How to look up your external IP address from Command

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A hypothetical example of using your internal IP address to track your activities is an internet service provider. Some cable companies charge you for each computer connected to your cable modem. By tracking your internal IP address, the cable company could see that you’re running multiple computers on one router and bill you accordingly. Can your internal IP be the same as the external one? - Quora Yes, and then it would not be called 'internal', but just 'IP address'. The simplest case for home users - your modem is in bridge mode (or no modem at all), your router is configured properly (or no router at all) and your is ISP leasing unique Can I get the internal IP address if I have the external